February 25, 2015

Of wings & stories & photographs never taken

Just a list:

01/ The drawing above was done last year. I'm very in favorite of wings and probably would have filled every one of my drawings with someone with wings.

02/ I write my stories in notebooks now. It seems so much easier. Although the typing into the computer part is always a task I don't seem to like.
03/ I've stopped carrying my camera around every day because it weights a lot and seems to weight me down. But every time I see a beautiful sky, I would wish I have my camera. But that only lasts for a few seconds and then I'm relief not to have my camera because it frees me from having to rush to get the shot. Of cause, from time to time, I do regret not taking a certain shot even when I have my camera, so really, all those photographs I didn't take? I should them disappear from my thoughts.

04/ I am no longer doing Pinterest because it just seems like I'm not doing it for my benefit rather it's like I'm doing it to show people my good taste or something.  So what if I create beautiful boards? What's the use when I don't even use them myself?
05/ I think technology and I no longer get along.  First my alarm clock stopped and then my wrist watch stopped and then my laptop stopped working and then even when I have a new working laptop, it refuse to read my external drive with my backups and I even have to buy extra wires to get it to read it. Then I accidentally drop the external hard drive and now it really doesn't work at all. Then my second wrist watch stopped working as well and it isn't even digital. Of cause, there's also my phone which is so good at making those beeping sounds when it runs out of battery every 3-4 days. I'm thinking of getting rid of all the tech gadgets except maybe my laptop.
06/ I've deleted most of my unused blogs because I'm foolish that way.
07/ I believe everyone else is somewhere else instead of being at their blogs and yet, I still keep checking people's blogs for updates because I prefer to read blogs more than facebook/twitter/instagram/and all other media that are suppose to be better and easier and faster. I guess I'm just very old fashion.

February 14, 2015

The sea moon guardian

This is the last piece that I finished before my computer crashed. This is the not final version, that version is gone. I think it looked better than this but I have no memory of it. I guess that is the effect of losing things, you forget them after a time but you still wish to get them back somehow. In a way, I don't think any piece that I create is ever consider finished, so I'll probably redo this later on.

Is it enough to say the title of this piece is "The sea moon guardian" and not add anything else? Well, I do like adding a story to each piece but it's not written and I'm doubtful it will ever be but here's a bit that wrote for this:

Every one hundred years, a new guardian is chosen to guard the light of the sea, also known as the sea moon. The sea moon gives light to creatures that live at the bottom of the world but it also has healing powers that only a sea guardian can give. This year, Sealia, the 7th daughter of the 7th sea god, has been decreed as the 777th guardian of the sea moon. She is given the 'Book of Light' and the power to heal. In these days, she sleeps and dreams by the side of the sea moon and makes sure no harm comes to it.

For DC Challenge with the theme, aqua. To view other participants take on the theme, go here.

February 10, 2015

postcards from the rain - another beginning

I haven't exactly been constant in my blogging lately or ever but that's okay. I think people can start or stop blogging any time and for any reason. Well, there really doesn't have to be a reason. Not really. Things change. People change. Time passes day by day, year by year but does it mean we have to keep constant in everything we do? I don't think so.

So, here I am starting in a new blog. Why? There is no why. I just wanted to. Sometimes I believe change - however small - makes a person feel good about themselves, and if not themselves, then perhaps things outside of themselves and perhaps that little change can motivate you to start again.

And that's where I am right now - in that little pause and start moment. So forgive me for moving to another new address.  I can't promise I'll stay here for long but at least, I can promise I won't leave without telling you where I'm going.

For today, I hope you are enjoying life and everything that it has to offer.